Coldflex Cold Compression Bandage - Small

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ColdFlex is ready to use, anywhere anytime. Designed to reduce swelling and relieve pain from strains, sprains, bruises, insect bites and any swelling injury. ColdFlex cold compression is stretchable polyurethane foam saturated with 96% water based gel that cools at room temperature. ColdFlex combines the compression of an elastic bandage with cooling to deliver pain and swelling relief in one easy-to-use wrap. Cools at room temperature so there is no need to freeze and is self-adhesive and flexible. Will give no frostbite or freezer-burns. Ideal for use in the clinic, at home or on the playing field. Non-toxic and reusable. Each wrap provides approximately twenty-four 30 minute applications.

  • Small = 2.5 x 61cm
  • Medium = 5 x 122cm
  • Large = 7.5 x 183cm
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