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Pet urine, dry weather and heavy footfall can all leave ugly brown stains on your lawn. So spray them away with Easy Green. Similar to products used by professional groundsmen on golf courses, tennis courts and formal gardens, Easy Green is an eco-friendy green dye with added grass feed. So it camouflages the stains whilst simultaneously encouraging re-growth of healthy fresh green grass. Really easy to use - you just spray the damaged lawn areas until the desired shade is achieved. Waterproof and safe, Easy Green is your long lasting solution to a beautiful lawn all year round. 500ml.

  • Green Restore is a quality instant lawn enhancement with grass feed.
  • It contains a green dye to instantly conceal ugly brown patches of lawn damaged by pets urine, heavy traffic, drought etc, plus a grass feed to encourage fast re-growth of the damaged areas.
  • Similar to the products used by professional ground maintenance companies to ensure the appearance of beautifully manicured golf courses, tennis courts and formal gardens.
  • Green Restore is your long-lasting solution to a beautiful lawn all year round.
  • 500ml


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