Tena Slip Bariatric - XXL (32PK)

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These TENA Slip Stretches are designed specifically for bariatric use, being suitable for hip measurements from 1630mm to 1780mm. Their clever design makes these continence aids not only highly effective but also comfortable to use even over long periods of time. Liquids from urinary incontinence are absorbed quickly and effectively, keeping the wearer's skin as dry and comfortable as possible. The highly absorbent core retains the liquid whilst the clever FeelDry layer maintains a feeling of freshness. These all in one TENA Slip Stretches offer steadfast protection against moderate to heavy urinary incontinence, making them a great choice for larger users who struggle with an overactive bladder. Added features such as built-in odour neutralisation and a visual wetness indicator also help the user and their carer in terms of convenience and maintaining dignity.

  • Working absorbency level: 1200ml (42 fl oz)
  • Total absorbency level: 2900ml (102 fl oz)
  • Minimum hip circumference: 1680mm (66")
  • Maximum hip circumference: 1730mm (68")
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